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      FM Stereo Audio  Conversions

  For Vintage Auto Radios!!!! We truly FIX AM Radio!!! 

More power and more features than ever before! These conversions are made to fit inside your original radio. We use your faceplate, your case, and all your tuner and controls.

With all of our conversions..Its completely inside the case!!!

Add BlueTooth and a USB!  Auxiliary input is always included. .. No changes to anything are required.  AND...your radio looks and feels exactly original when installed in the dash. 

 No mounting changes are ever needed because of these conversions!

 Antenna Testing - if you suspect that your antenna is not good.

Owners manuals and instal instrucrions for all Aurora products.(post 2012)

And if you have lost your old pre 2012 instructions or bought a car with an older conversion -

Video of setup for Pre 2012 Conversions